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This page will be regularly updated with Hints and Tips from Bryan Foster that will assist in marketing your school successfully. An overview of aspects of marketing your school will be addressed. Detailed explanations and suggestions are found in the various portfolios available from the e-Shop.

'Chatting' - Why?

Benefits of ‘Chatting’

Below is an extract of the key points on the benefits of ‘Chatting’ … in chat language... ordered as per a conversation with an intelligent 15 year old girl:

•   to talk to people
•   plan events
•   keep in contact
•   sometimes good because it doesn’t need to be saved
•   can be saved if you want
•   mainly for chats between singles but you can talk to more than one person at a time, if you’re organizing something, for example
•   better than emails for group chats

The most appropriate use for chat rooms would be when conversing with or via young people to make arrangements for something e.g. a school social event, upcoming school celebration, etc,.

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright - SMAPL.

Jesinta Campbell Miss Universe Congeniality 2010 - Famous Past Students to Promote School

Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe Congeniality 2010, Miss Universe Australia 2010, was an outstanding School Captain and genuine, concerned, student leader at Aquinas College in 2008. Her dream of a journalism degree at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia, was placed on hold, while Jesinta pursued a short term modelling career, which after only just over a year saw her crowned Miss Universe Congeniality 2010.

Jesinta happily allowed her old school, Aquinas College, Gold Coast, to use her in their promotions. She also visited the school, spoke of her enjoyment through the years as a student and of her understanding of what leadership and striving for personal dreams is all about.

Jesinta Campbell certainly typified what her old school, Aquinas College, espoused forthrightly!

(Photo: Jesinta Campbell with Bryan Foster at Aquinas College.)

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright - SMAPL.

'Chat Room' Use for School

A simple way to implement this school chat room for young people would be to engage a young/er person / teacher who the students of the school and the young of heart parents relate to and have him / her act as an intermediary with those charged with making the arrangements for the upcoming activity. This person would be a student leader or a young teacher, more than likely.

The leader would need to arrange for the young people to:

•   all be ‘friends’ (members of their chat line group) on the chat line
•   chat at a particular time and day
•   develop an agenda, but not need to be too formalized, but be capable of ‘going with the flow’
•   make all ‘friends’ in the chat feel welcome and valued
•   be able to lead a chat respectfully so as to achieve outcomes – emphasis is on ‘chat’ and not a ‘meeting’
•   call follow-up chats as needed
•   feedback to key people within the organizational structure of the school
•   feedback to other young people who weren’t involved
•   feedback to parents the process and outcomes – a well informed school is usually a supportive school.

Sample Chat Room and Sign Up Process

Hotmail at Windows Live is a popular chat room for young people. This chapter uses Hotmail as the sample study. See Windows Live Essentials for all that is offered.

Another popular chat room is at Yahoo (see for details).

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright - SMAPL.

3x Rule

School Marketing often requires the targeted audience to receive the message at least three times. (Various research places this up to 7 times!)

This best occurs in at least three different ways. 

Creativity is essential.

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright 2007 - 2016 Great Developments Publishers.  

Advertising in the Media

This form of advertising is for a broad reach within society. It goes well beyond the parish community.

A database of resources is best to be created prior to the CPMP’s (Church Parish Marketing Plan) advertising campaign each year.

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright 2007 - 2013 Great Developments Publishers.

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'Chatting' - Why?

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