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Key leadership people within schools, educational systems and the Church, speak very highly of a school and Church leader who developed outstanding marketing strategies and approaches for these institutes. These are now presented in very detailed yet simplified language in his school and Church marketing paperbacks and e-books.

It is with great satisfaction that I recommend to you the 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)', 2011, by Bryan Foster.

The insight this text has provided in terms of strategic marketing in a school setting has been invaluable.

As a Principal I would recommend this text to administrators, school staff and members of school parents and friends committees.

Read it - you won't be disappointed!


Warren Fields, Principal, St Augustine's, Currumbin, former Principal Our Lady of Fatima, Acacia Ridge and formerly Assistant Principal Religious Education - St Kevin's Catholic School, Gold Coast

I have known Bryan Foster for over twenty years. Bryan is a committed and highly professional educator and administrator. In particular he has demonstrated great leadership in the area of school marketing and promotions. He has always been willing to share his experience and expertise with colleagues.

David Hutton, Executive Director of Catholic Education - Archdiocese of Brisbane

What a wonderful manual the Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age is. The ideas are fantastic and should be implemented in any business, not just the church. Bryan is such a knowledgeable man with such good ideas. Thank you Bryan for taking the time to prepare and get this manual published.

Donna Stubbins, Administration - Southport Parish

Bryan Foster’s ‘School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age’ is an outstanding resource for school marketers who are serious about competitively positioning their school and engaging all stakeholders in a meaningful and innovative way.

It has been an invaluable planning tool, that has helped me to effectively structure our strategic marketing plan and I highly recommend it!

Michele Franken, Marketing and Public Relations - Guildford Grammar School, Guildford, Perth, Western Australia






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Bryan Foster, Author / Director / Teacher
Great Developments Publishers
Aldrin Avenue, Benowa
Queensland, Australia 4217

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