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Church marketing personnel need to be up-to-date with the latest church marketing strategies and resources to successfully implement the church / parish marketing plan. This church marketing blog enables church marketing personnel to engage in blog discussions relating to the church marketing issues of today. The 'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)', 2011, by Bryan Foster, forms the basis for most of these blog posts.

Church Marketing Plans and Strategies for Marketing the Church by Bryan Foster

Friday, July 29, 2016
Sharing his church marketing plans and strategies for marketing within the Catholic Church for almost 20 years has been a passion for Bryan Foster .

His popular church and school marketing series include:

'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)', 2011 as a paperback
'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)', 2011 as a paperback.

These books published as both paperbacks and e-books add a whole new dimension from his experiences with digital marketing. This is combined with the regular contemporary and traditional school marketing strategies.

These e-books are available from

Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed), 2011

School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)', 2011

And also from all good internet bookstores.

His leadership roles within the Church include:

•   South Coast Deanery Pastoral Council, Chair
•   St Mary's Parish Pastoral Council, Coomera, Chair
•   Surfers Paradise Parish Pastoral Council, Surfers Paradise, Secretary
•   St Kevin’s School, Parents and Friends Association, Benowa, President.

All of these are on the Gold Coast, Australia. This is arguably the harshest region to 'market' churches in Australia. It is a very secular based city - being the tourist capital of Australia.

His school marketing experience began in the 1980s as a principal in two country primary schools and from 1994 to 2010 in a secondary school. Bryan now markets his publishing company and various marketing and photobooks.

Bryan Foster has held various senior and middle school management positions in Catholic schools: a primary school Principal in two schools, APRE in secondary school and Years 9, 11 and 12 Coordinator.

A highly ethical approach to marketing, and passion for marketing the Catholic school, was formed as a result of his extensive Church experiences, along with Religious Education teaching experience in Catholic primary and secondary schools in the city and country.

He was the Marketing Manager at Aquinas College, a secondary co-educational college on the Gold Coast, in what is arguably the most difficult school marketing region in Australia, since 1994 until last year. He was also the school’s Assistant Principal Religious Education for ten years. Bryan was seconded to Brisbane Catholic Education for the 2008 school year as the Catching Fire: Evangelization and Spiritual Formation Education Officer.

He holds a:
•   Master of Education from the Australian Catholic University in Sydney
•   Bachelor of Education}  
•   Graduate Diploma in Religious Education}
•   Diploma of Teaching} from McAuley Teachers College in Brisbane
•   Diploma of Religious Education from the Institute of Faith Education, Brisbane.

He has taught for over 30 years in Catholic schools from Years 1 to 12.

Bryan has assisted many school marketing coordinators. He is considered highly by Brisbane Catholic Education and throughout the years has assisted their marketing personnel.

Bryan lives on the Gold Coast in Australia. His wife, eldest daughter and son all teach in Catholic primary schools, while his younger daughter attends a Catholic secondary school.

The 'Church Marketing Plans and Strategies for Marketing the Church by Bryan Foster' blog post was written by Bryan Foster, author of Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)

, - the paperback and ebook manual for Church communications and marketing personnel - 304 pages of easy to read and implement summarized points, which allow for a considerably large number of quality strategies and examples to be detailed and available for church marketing personnel - with copyright remaining with

GDPL. Book available from and

and all good internet bookstores.

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