Love is the Meaning of Life - Human Frailties Get in the Way

Love is the meaning of life. To love and to be loved being the main purpose for our whole existence. Why then do so many people allow all the other lifestyle issues, values, resources, relationships, etc, get in the way? Why then do so many people let the distractions interfere and often dominate their lives?

Most people would believe that the desire to love and be loved to be an intrinsic part of life - you are born with it. You are born to love and be loved. That people living a balanced life, where they are loved and loved others within their family and friendship circle, truly appreciate this message. Once this message is appreciated and lived, then it is the normal thing to do when relating with others and the world.

However, somewhere along the way, many get distracted for so many reasons and then lose that true focus. The human frailties of greed, selfishness, envy, failure to forgive and be forgiven, lust, gluttony, etc, come to the fore and seductively entice people to follow this distracting and destructive pathway.

This transfer of priorities may even occur in early to mid-childhood, where parents or other significant adults or people within the young person's life, live an alternate destructive lifestyle, which is seen by the young person as the norm, and hence worthy of following (even if subconsciously). This then becomes the accepted lifestyle as they grow up.

People may then follow this pathway until challenged to do otherwise. Challenged to see the destructiveness of these chosen ways, challenged to confront the situation they then find to be wrong, challenged to become a better more loving person. This challenge often comes at a time of complete lowness / loneliness within their lives.

To love and to be loved is the meaning of life. It is the primary and quite raw need within all people. It is not only a basic emotional and social need of each person but it is also the main spiritual desire and need.

Appreciating that love is the meaning of life brings with it the challenge to love and to be loved in all its manifestations. To not get distracted and damaged by allowing all the other stuff to get in the way. This belief should be at the core of all church and religious school philosophies and theologies.

When 'Love is the Meaning of Life' then the future holds no bounds.

Love rules! Most people would believe that the desire to love and to be loved is an intrinsic part of all humanity.

The 'Love is the Meaning of Life - Human Frailties Get in the Way!' article was written by Bryan Foster, author of the Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed), 2010, a 329 A4 page instructional manual, and School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010, a 369 A4 page instructional manual, both with an outstanding array and number of strategies and examples - this allows for a considerably large number of key points to be detailed and available for marketers in general, and church marketing personnel specifically, with copyright being retained by SMAPL

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