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New Zealand Catholic Education Office Website - Review

Friday, May 21, 2010
The New Zealand Catholic Education Office website is an informative and detailed website. This website is a necessary starting point for prospective families and others interested in Catholic education in New Zealand.

The attractive appearance occurs through the use of clear overall presentation, relevant key terms in the toolbars and the soothing blue tones used. The tones enhance the logo, which itself is blue in colour.

The 'About Us' page clearly defines the place of the NZCEO within the context of its Catholic schools, the New Zealand Catholic Bishops' Conference and diocesan educational bodies. It also explains its association with government, departments of state and the integrated schools.

School are easily found thoughout New Zealand through the various six dioceses on the 'Schools' webpage. These are listed by town / city and secondary / primary. Website links to schools are given where available.

Major Catholic Education events may be found at the 'Events' webpage. Such events include the 'Catholic Schools Day' and the 'New Zealand Catholic Education Conference'.

A myriad of resource links and pdf files may be found at the 'Resources' webpage. Such resources include:
  • Guidance for Proprietors and their agents in running an Integrated School
  • Achievement Standards in Religious Education
  • New Zealand Catholic Education Office - The Declaration
  • Parish Priests and New Zealand Catholic Schools
  • Catholic Schools and Ecological / Environmental and Sustainability Issues
  • Values and Virtues in Catholic Schools
  • Bishop Callinane's Pastoral Letter
  • Directory of Catholic Interenet Sites: Theology Library
The 'Resources' page is also appropriately divided to suit various demographics. Each page has clearly defined topics and links:
  • For Everyone
  • For Children
  • For Teenagers
  • For Parents
  • For Teachers & BoT
  • For Youth Leaders
  • Publications
  • Pasifika
Media Releases may be found at the 'Media' webpage.

The 'Featured Articles' webpage contains articles form the NZCEO.

'Tertiary Courses for Teachers in Catholic Schools 2010' may be found on the 'Teacher' webpage.

Two other key webpages are the 'Links' and 'Contact' pages. The key personnel and their email addresses noted in the 'Directory of Staff' on the 'Contact' webpage are Pat Lynch CEO, Susan Apathy Deputy CEO and Maureen Condliffe Operations Manager. There are also a general address, telephone numbers and email address.

The right column toolbar is the 'Latest' news / items the NZCEO wishes to highlight.

The NZCEO website is a wonderful entry point for those interested in continuing updates for all that is happening in Catholic Education in New Zealand, as well as for those considering a Catholic Education either as a student / family or staff member.

This 'New Zealand Catholic Education Office Website - Review' blog post was written by Bryan Foster author of the 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)', 2010, a 369 A4 page ebook written in an easy to use summarised format.

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